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Are you an MSP who is moving into Cybersecurity services/solutions?

Are you a Cybersecurity VAR launching, growing and or scaling to the B2B & B2C market?

Are you a Cybersecurity solutions stack launching, growing, and or scaling to sell to MSPs?


Fornix Marketing Agency has stood the test of time, predating the explosive rise of MySpace and the groundbreaking emergence of Facebook’s social media revolution. We’ve been an integral part of the landscape since the Y2K event, when the internet’s permanence and the necessity of websites became evident. Fornix was present even before the world realized that Amazon was born in a garage. Today, as the LinkedIn platform experiences remarkable growth and the realms of machine learning and AI continue to push boundaries, we harness these tools for unparalleled business and marketing success.

Our journey encompasses the era before MSP/IT and Cybersecurity gained prominence. Like our valued partners and clients, who have dedicated themselves to delivering exceptional services, we’ve been a constant presence, adapting and thriving. Over the past two decades and more, we have maintained our unwavering commitment. Fornix remains steadfast, rooted in our belief that sales should propel marketing—a guiding principle that drives every facet of our marketing approach.

We collaborate with forward-thinking CEOs who embrace the blue ocean mindset and expertly navigate the realm of KPIs. Despite serving clients in the tech, MSP/IT, and cybersecurity sectors, our focus remains on the human aspect of business. We meet you at your current point and guide you to uncharted territories, unlocking a world of boundless leads, opportunities, and rapid growth.

If you believe in yourself and your companies purpose and are driven to succeed we are the best fit together. If not don’t reach out to us we won’t believe in you either.

The Challenges our clients faced before coming to us:


The marketing person and or agency did not have an idea about the cybersecurity, MSP and MSSP space. (Tired of training over and over and getting nowhere).


They were told to run 4,5+ figures on Ads to get customers.


Didn’t have an idea about the power of Channel Partner Programs.


Their content did not communicate to the business owner and or CEO what their MSP, MSSP solutions did for them.


They are tech guys and would vomit all the info they knew to a potential customer who looked like a deer in headlights. (Worse they wouldn’t close the deal)


The business owner and or CEO was doing the sales and marketing all by themselves.


Have an idea sitting on the shelf for years and never took it to market (no one they went to knew how to launch a product in the first place).


Their team didn’t really have a plan or direction to execute any of the marketing just did one thing hoping to bring in sales. (They saw something online and were trying another new thing for the 10thX).


No one on their team could understand the CEO’s vision and things just stayed the same.


Willing to pay for services that brought them qualified leads but were getting IP addresses outside of the country.


Dealing with the frustration of customer’s lack of education led to being asked what the framework of controls is, what the cyber security solutions business needs to follow and what kind of policies and regulations need what services. (Over, repeatedly just getting nowhere fast)


IT/Cybersecurity and Tech have their expertise and sales and marketing terrified them.


Best little company in the world but no one knew about them.


We have great clients, but we don’t know how to sell to them cybersecurity solutions.


We love going to shows but we aren’t getting the most of those marketing dollars.


We need to get ready to sell. We are focusing on an M&A and need help because we don’t have an idea on how to do this and we need to focus on scaling our MSP/MSSP services.

There are more stories to share after being in the Tech/MSP/Cybersecurity space for over 10+ years. Ask our clients, partners, and colleagues we get you, your team and your customer.


  • Audit the entire sales and marketing of the company
  • Custom Packages for your growth budget
  • Fractional Chief Marketing Officer who can bring it ALL together.
  • Sales and Marketing Training your team.
  • Event Marketing 1-100 Strategy
  • Monthly Marketing Program that fits your company and attracts leads for you to close
  • Build Channel Partner Program in 90 days.
  • Grow your Channel Partner Program with 20 new partners in the first 120 days.
  • Channel Partner Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Rebrand & relaunch your company’s visibility and brand to your ideal customer, partner and ecosystem.

Custom programs, packages and training for YOU


You must be wondering how we work as a fractional team.

Choose 1 of these or choose all 3 of these services:


We assess your current company’s health in all areas. What are you struggling with? What are you succeeding with. Let’s set up a game plan to move you from good, to better, to best.

project specific Management

After the assessment, we identify one or more of your projects where you need a single focus from our team, to plan, develop, execute & evaluate. Then repeat.

Retainer of services

We become your go-to team for your difficult challenges. This monthly retainer covers everything from driving your momentum, developing your brand, pushing your projects forward & attaining higher levels of success.


  1. What do you want?
  2. What is the difference between now & later when impacting your bottom line?
  3. How do we get there with being lean in our strategy, time & expense?

Not in a position to hire a full-time, in-house marketing team? That’s where we step in as your Fractional CMO. We are perfect to outsource your company’s marketing initiatives because we can have a single focus. You can offload specific marketing projects that impact your bottom line. We become part of your team for a fraction of the cost.



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